Trailblazer Provider Information

This is a new (2018) page on those organisations that support the delivery of trailblazer apprenticeships in food and drink operations (fish processing sector), fishmongering (seafood retail sector), production cooking and other hospitality apprenticeships needed by the fish frying sector.

For information on the trailblazer apprenticeship standards for England please start here.

Background to Trailblazer Providers

There are two types of providers that support the trailblazer apprenticeship programme. On programme providers will work with the employer and apprentice during the development process. The development process will take at least 12 months and for some apprenticeship standards it will take 18-24 months before the apprentice is ready for their End Point Assessment.

On programme providers (Providers) will support employers with application and registration, training and learning, skills and knowledge assessment and Everything else needed to get an apprentice ready for their End Point Assessment (EPA). The details of the EPA are laid out in the Assessment Plan.

Every apprenticeship is built around a Standard and an Assessment Plan. The Standard describes what it means to be (for example) a Level 2 Fishmonger, while the Assessment Plan describes in detail how the apprentice will be assessed and graded.

The End Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO) is the body that carries out the EPA using independent assessors employed specifically for that purpose.

The first step for an employer interested in moving forward with a Trailblazer Apprenticeship is to contact one or more Providers to discuss the details with them.

The following organisations delivered proficiency apprenticeships in England until 2017 and can be contacted regarding their support for Trailblazers. Not all Providers will support all three of the Trailblazers that are relevant to the onshore sectors of the seafood industry.


On Programme Training Providers   In the column to the right there is a list of the main standards that apply to the seafood industry, alomng with links to all the providers currently registered to support these apprenticeships. Not all of these providers have experience in working with seafood businesses.

You can cross reference with the list of proficiency apprenticeship providers for England to see if your provider(s) of choice have prior seafood industry experience or you can contact Seafish directly.  

End Point Assessemnt Organisations  

Two EPA organisations are involved with food and drink operations and fishmongering trailblazers. They are FDQ and OAL. City and Guilds supports EPAs in production cooking and hospitality. People 1st may offer EPAs in the various hospitality apprenticeships.

As more information becomes available we will add to this page.

The following providers will be able to support some but not all of the trailblazer apprenticeships in food and drink operations (for fish processors and merchants), fishmongering and production cooking (for fish friers).

We are working on a new Trailblazer Provider webpage for England that will give details on on programme providers and end point assessment organisations. In the meantime please contact one of the possible providers below to find out what support they can offer.

Provision in Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland remains unchanged.

Duchy College - SW England

Blackpool and the Fylde College - Northern England

Grimsby Institute - Yorkshire and the Humber Region

Institute for Apprenticeships providers database. Click on the links below for lists of possible providers.

Note: not all of the organisations on the list are active or able to support small/medium sized businesses.

Fishmonger apprenticeship

Level 2 Production Chef (Fish Friers)

Level 3 Senior Production Chef (Fish Friers)

Level 2 Food process operator (Processors)

Level 3 Advanced food process operator (Processors)