Food Hygiene and Food Safety Training by eLearning

A few key facts:

  • The eLearning programme is based upon Seafish's hugely successful food hygiene / food safety open learning programme. It isn't a replacement for the open learning programme as both the eLearning and Open Learning versions will 'lock stepped' and the open learning programme will continue to be available throughout the UK;
  • The elearning programme meets the requirements for CIEH's Level 2 food safety programmes and REHIS's elementary food hygiene programme;
  • You can study using the open learning module of the eLearning programme available here. There is no up front cost to taking the eLearning programme, no need to register, no records of time spent studying or even of what segments were studied. Getting started couldn't be easier. Just click here.

What good is the eLearning programme?

  • If you study the materials then you will learn something useful about food hygiene and food safety;
  • If you complete the Self Assessment Questions to be found throughout the materials then you can assess your own understanding;
  • If you complete the end of programme quiz then you will get an idea of how well you might do in a real multiple choice test;
  • After completing the quiz you will get a progress record and an opportunity to register to take the formal test and perhaps gain a nationally recognised qualification from CIEH or REHIS;
    • The progress record is not a qualification, it is a permit to take the formal test;
    • The formal written test will incur costs;
    • The pass mark is 60%
    • Success leads to a nationally recognised qualification from CIEH or REHIS.



Study now for free >> Register and pay for examination >> Pass the test and gain a qualification



You can do the course for free

If you want to take the formal written test/exam* to get a nationally recognised qualification then normal charges will apply.

Exam invigilators are available throughout the UK.


So what's holding you back?


* There is a test at the end of the online course. This test helps you to gauge your level of understanding. It does not give you a qualification, but permits you to take the formal written exam set by CIEH or REHIS throough one of our UK-wide exam invigilators. It's this formal exam system that allows us to stand out from other less rigorous online learning programmes.