Apprenticeships for England, Wales and Northern Ireland

Since May 2017 there has been a split in the way that apprenticeships in the UK are organised for the seafood industry.

In England we have moved over to a limited number of highly specific trailblazer standards-based apprenticeships covering Level 2 Fishmongering, Level 2 and 3 fish processing (Food and Drink Operations and related standards) and Level 2 and 3 Fish Frying (Production cooking and other hospitality standards).

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In Wales and Northern Ireland we have retained the highly popular Fish and Shellfish Framework based apprenticeships for Levels 2 and 3. The frameworks in fish and shellfish proficiency skills adopt a pick and mix approach to the selection of units to make up a Certificate or Diploma based qualification carefully tailored to the needs of the business and the apprentice.

In Scotland we have a similar approach for apprenticeships using an almost (but not completely) identical set of frameworks to that in Wales and Northern Ireland.


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