Shellfish - Molluscs

Mussels Cockles Whelks & Winkles Clams Scallops Oysters
Shellfish – Molluscs

Bivalves are shellfish with two shells joined by a hinge, examples include Oysters and Mussels. Other shellfish such as the gastropods (members of the snail family) have only one shell, examples include Limpets and Whelks.

Top Row, left to right  1.Clams – Hardshell   2.Oysters (Pacific)    3.Samphire
Middle Row  4.Clams – Venus   5.Clams – Palourdes     6.Clams – Praire 7.Whelks
Bottom Row   8.Mussels     9.Clams – Amande   10.Winkles