Support Training and Development in the seafood industry

Here is a list of the training courses and programmes that Network Partners can deliver.

    Training programmes and support for workforce developement:

    If you are interested in any of these programmes then please email or another Network partner for information on what is currently available.

    Some of the Seafood specific programmes available include:

    Bivalve purification management

    Bivalve purification operations

    Bivalve Shellfish Hygiene Verification

    Care of the catch

    Display and merchandising for fishmongers

    Elementary Customer Service

    Elementary Food Hygiene

    Elementary HACCP (by eLearning)

    Elementary Health and Safety

    Elementary Risk Assessment

    Fish frying distance learning courses

    Fish frying management

    Fishing methods

    Fishmonger Masterclasses including Knife skills (per day)

    Food Allergens Management

    Food authenticity and integrity verification

    Intermediate fish quality assessment

    Intermediate Food Hygiene

    Intermediate H&S

    Intermediate Health and Safety

    Intermediate Risk Assessment

    Introduction to HACCP in the seafood industry (Level 1)

    Introduction to the seafood industry

    Introductory Allergens

    Introductory Food Hygiene in the seafood industry (various languages)

    Introductory H&S

    Marine fin fish product knowledge

    Official Control Verification (Generic) / Food Defence

    Principles of fish quality assessment

    Principles of fish smoking

    Shellfish product knowledge

    Shellfish quality assessment

    Support for Fishmonger recognition (as part of MFS scheme)


    Understanding what current technology is available for seafood sector

    More general programmes include:

    Business Management skills (various)

    E Commerce

    Fair Work / Culture Seminars


    Future Leaders Masterclasses


    Net Zero Workshops

    New Market Opportunities & Insights

    New Packaging Technology 

    Selling Direct to the Consumer

    Skills Diagnostics / Training Needs Analysis

    Strategic Planning

    Succession Planning

    Understanding business requirements in terms of investment / ROI

    Assessor Training

    Internal Auditing Course

    Internal Verifier Training

    Leadership Essentials course

    Leadership Excellence course

    Lean Culture

    Root Cause Analysis

    Train the Trainer

    Modern Apprenticeships are available at several levels including management. Individual SVQ units can also provide important development opportunities for managers and others in Seafood businesses

    SVQ Unit Provide leadership in your area of responsibility of a food business

    SVQ Unit Plan and Organise Your Own Work

    SVQ Unit Motivate Colleagues in a Food Business

    SVQ Unit Monitor and Maintain Product Quality

    SVQ Unit Develop Productive Working Relationships With Colleagues

    SVQ Unit Develop and Manage a Team

    SVQ Unit Communicate in a Business Environment

    SVQ Unit Allocate and Monitor Work

    SVQ Unit Maximise Sales of Food and Drink Products in a Retail Environment

    SVQ Unit Grade Fish or Shellfish by Hand

    SVQ Unit Evaluate Production Performance

    SVQ Unit Develop a new product in a food business

    SVQ Unit Control and Monitor Waste Minimisation in a Food Environment

    SVQ Unit Contribute to environmental safety in food manufacture

    SVQ Unit Contribute to developing product specifications in food manufacture

    SVQ Unit Carry out quality audits

    SVQ Unit Carry Out Organoleptic Testing

    SVQ Unit Use fish/shellfish quality assessment methods

    SVQ Unit Monitor Food Safety at Critical Control Points