A superb fish, great value, readily available and yet, amazingly underrated. Ranging in size from 200-800g, Mackerel has a bullet shaped body with silvery-blue skin with dark wavy stripes. One of the richest sources of Omega-3 (See also Omega 3), Mackerel has greyish flesh with a rich flavour, which is best grilled or baked. Any sauce should be sharp to complement its rich flavour – try gooseberry, sorrel, rhubarb, cranberry, redcurrant or mustard – avoid anything creamy or buttery. Marinating in citrus juices is also good.

graphicMackerel is highly rated in Japanese cuisine, where whole fish are marinated in soy before grilling or griddling –definitely worth trying. As with most oil-rich fish, it is good for smoking, and makes a great paté. While Herring provides the best alternative, Mackerel is closely related to Tuna, Bonito, Kingfish and Wahoo