Hygiene eLearning Programme (HeLP)

Hygiene eLearning Programme (HeLP) - Guidance for candidates

The purpose of this page is to explain to successful candidates what their next steps are if they want to progress to a nationally recognised qualification. Assuming that you haven't just clicked from the HeLP page and have actually completed the eLearning programme.

The journey so far

Firstly, congratulations for completing the programme. Online learning, like open learning, isn't for everyone and it requires commitment and discipline to work through the package on your own.

Now that you have studied the package what can you do next?

Next steps

1. Nothing. If the information you have acquired is enough and you don't need a formal qualification then you need do nothing more than you have already done.

2. Sit the written test and see if you can acquire the formal qualification. The eLearning programme, like Seafish's longstanding open learning programme counts as a recognised course of study towards the following qualifications:

  • Elementary Food Hygiene as awarded by the Royal Environmental Health Institute for Scotland, or
  • Level 2 Food Safety in:
  • Food Manufacturing, or
  • Food Retail, or
  • Catering, as awarded by the Chartered Institute for Environmental Health

    Most of the hard work is behind you now, so if you want to take the test* then this is what you need to do next.

    > Have your progress record to hand as we will want to confirm some of the details.

    > Ring Seafish on 01472 252302 to get the contact details of your local Approved Training Provider (ATP).

    > Ring your ATP and agree costs, venue and date/time for the multiple choice written test.

    > Revise any parts of the course you want to before you take the written (not online) test.

    > Take the written test and if your score is above the pass mark then you will be awarded the appropriate qualification.

    NB: Test checklist - take along the following to your test:

    • Completed Progress Record - without this you cannot take the test.
    • Photo ID card or similar proof of identity - without this you cannot take the test.
    • Your feedback form if you want the ATP to send it to Seafish.
    • Completed log sheet. But not essential if you didn't complete it as you went along.


    *The formal written test is a multiple choice test very similar to the one you took online at the end of the eLearning programme, only its on paper and it takes longer to get your result.