Level 1 Food Safety Training

  Introductory Food Hygiene in the Seafood Industry

This is a Seafish/REHIS joint award. Developed by Seafish and accredited by the Royal Environmental Health Institute for Scotland (REHIS). This taught course lasts around 3-4 hrs and is available in different languages (see bulleted list below and this page). This unique training programme is ideal for low risk seafood businesses and it is able to train different language groups as part of the same course.

Contact Seafish for more information email onshore@seafish.co.uk or Tel: 01472 252300

Seafish's Strikeback 2 training DVD has foreign language scripts - see these links below:

Click on the links above to read the script while watching the DVD using the onscreen numbered paragaphs.

The programmes that make up the full Strikeback 2 package are available on YouTube. For a link go to our Learning Resources > Youtube webpage.


Useful Information

All Seafish's food hygiene training programmes are nationally recognised and accreditted by REHIS.