From the family of Snake Mackerels,

Escolar are long and slender, with dark browny-grey skin and can grow up to130cm. While not commonly available fresh, they freeze very well, partly due to their high oil content. The flavour is quite rich and oily, so best served with accompanying flavours such as lime and coriander, but nothing creamy. Looks great when griddled or barbecued as the waxy-oils produce fantastic ‘grill marks’.


Escolar – food safety update

Escolar can contain high levels of a compound similar to castor oil which can have a similar effect on your digestive system. To reduce the risk of these problems simply follow these steps.

• Keep it fresh, chilled and eat within 2 days. As it is an oily fish it can spoil faster than typical white fish. Defrosted frozen fish should be consumed the same day.
• Portion sizes should be smaller than for other fish, recommended portion size is less than 160g.

In particular Lepidocybium flavobrunneum and the closely related species of Oil Fish Ruvettus pretiosus may only be placed on the market wrapped or in packaging and must be appropriately labeled to provide information on preparation and cooking methods