Authors and Credits

Much of the content for this part of the Seafood Training Academy website has been drawn from The Seafood Guide, a publication produced by M&J Seafoods with financial support from Seafish. The Seafood Training Academy would like to thank M&J Seafoods for their contribution which includes images, text and tables.

There have been two editions of the Guide produced by the Seafood Training Academy in 2008 and 2009 for which I was fortunate to be able to write several new pages on quality, storage & handling etc.

Lee Cooper, Seafish Onshore Training

“As the leading supplier of fresh fish to chefs in the UK’s restaurants, pubs and hotels, we at M&J Seafood have seen the variety of different species being cooked and eaten increase dramatically over the last 25 years. As a nation we are eating more and more seafood every year and our tastes are becoming increasingly adventurous, particularly when eating out.
Recognising the lack of quality information available to help chefs better understand the variety available to them, we put together ‘The Seafood Guide’, with help and expertise from Seafish. M&J Seafood are delighted that Seafish have produced this updated version of our chefs’ guide, and hope it inspires people to eat more seafood! “
James Bristow Marketing Manager, M&J Seafood

The Seafood Guide’ is the culmination of many year’s work and has been produced with the help of some of the country’s leading experts.
They include:
Professor Michael Baker Strathclyde University
David Mulcahy Chairman, The Craft Guild of Chefs
James Bristow Marketing Manager, M&J Seafood
Mike Berthet Fresh Fish Purchasing Director, M&J Seafood
Matt Cheeseman Fresh Fish Purchasing Manager, M&J Seafood
Neil Poxon Fresh Fish Training Manager, M&J Seafood
Mark Ormiston Senior Fresh Fish Buyer, M&J Seafood
No part of this part of the Seafood Training Academy website may be reproduced in any form without the written permission of the original copyright holder. Seafish are able to advise on who holds which copyrights.