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We would like an opportunity to fix the broken link so if you could email academy@seafish.co.uk with your problem link we'll get right onto it.

In your email please include:

1. - The page address you started from;

2. - The text with the faulty link;

For example

1. - www.cieh.org/training/onshore-training/general-courses/food-safety

2. - Level 2/Elementary - taught courses in English. open learning programmes in various languages. There is an e-Learning course available in English. REHIS/CIEH approved

this tells us where the fault lies and gives enough information that we can contact the webmaster of that site to get their links updated.

And, if you think the information that you need isn't on the website at all then let us know what you were looking for and we'll do our best to find it and upload it for you and other users.

- Lee Cooper, Seafish and the Seafood Training Academy.

Try this first

If the page address you are trying to find ends .htm or .html then change it to .php When we updated our website we will have missed chaning some adresses in some documenmts.

Another change was to replace spaces in webaddresses (often shown as %20) with a -. Try changing the name so that each word has a - between.

For example: www.seafoodacademy.org/fish%20frying.htm is now www.seafoodacademy.org/fish-frying.php