Frequently Asked Questions

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

1.What training do you offer?

Academy Partners and trainers can offer a wide range of training, most of it related to fish and shellfish. The main list of training courses is accessible through the training courses tab (light blue).

2. How can I get on a training course?

Depending on the type of training you want, you may be able to get on a training course almost anywhere (food hygiene is a good example of this) in the country. Or there may only be one or two places where such courses are available. The Training Course pages should tell you where the training is available, alternatively email one of the Academy providers such as Seafish or the NFFF. See the contact us page.

3. What does the training cost?

Training courses from Academy partners can range from £30 per person up to £1,000 per person. Academy Partners set tha costs of their courses and always try and deliver good value for money. Some courses are made even more costly when they are delivered to a smaller than average group, but as more participants sign up to a course the per person cost will often (but not always) come down. Please speak to an individual provider about course dates and costs.

4. Is there any free training?

Yes there is. The Learning Resources (purple) drop down list is where you will find most of the free learning available from the Academy. It's in the form of study guides, eLearning materials, online study materials etc. We even have an online testing portal where you can see how much you remember/know about a topic.


Slightly Less Frequently Asked Questions

Why are some course so infrequent?

A good example of this is Advanced Fish Quality Assessment. There needs to be at least 7 people to make this course viable and at a cost of £1,000 each for the five day programme there are not that many people who want to take it. Add to this that they all need to be available in the same place for the same week and you can see why these courses are hard to organise. Other courses like Food Hygiene by open learning can be arranged for one person anywhere in the UK at any time, which is why almost 11,000 people have undertaken this course with our Academy partner Seafish.

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