Seafood Training in Wales

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The Seafood Training Network for Wales is a Seafish initiative to bring together many of the providers of fish and shellfish training in wales, along with key employers, and others.

The Network will help to coordinate training activities and provide a voice for employers in Wales about training issues.


The Seafood Training Academy is working with Seafish, the Food & Drink NSA and others to provide training programmes, apprenticeships and funded opportunities to employers and employees in Wales. This page is in support of the Seafood Training Network for Wales, an emerging alliance between training providers, employers, Seafish and the Seafood Training Academy, with the aim of assisting fish and shellfish businesses in Wales to benefit from training by providing information, guidance and support as appropriate.


See this NetworkWales Apprenticeships page for more information

Training programmes:

See this NetworkWales Training Courses page for more information



Sources of Information

Seafish's activities in Wales - Seafish Wales

Seafood Training Network for Wales - main page

Apprenticeship for Wales - click here.

Seafish recognised apprenticeship providers

Apprenticeship Information Leaflets

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May 2013 - Seafishenews - First fish and shellfish apprentice For Wales.