Welcome to the Seafood Training Academy

The Seafood Training Academy is a collaboration between seafood training networks, training organisations, providers and individual trainers. The original Academy was established in 2007 and since 2013 it has been managed by the Sea Fish Industry Authority (Seafish).

drawing of a cod

The Academy focuses on the training and learning needs of the onshore sectors of the UK and our growing portfolio of training programmes, qualifications and resources are intended to make available cost effective and high quality fish and shellfish training throughout the UK.

This website is just one of the ways in which we do this.

Please use the navigation Tabs above to explore the resources on this site. Seafish and our partners (see working with) are able to field enquires from across the UK and assist learners throughout the fish and shellfish industry. Individual Academy Partners provide a more regional service.

If you would like to get in-touch or send us a message, please visit our get in touch page.