Academy Partners Contact Details

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This Topic Page contains - Contact Details for Seafood Academy partners.

Main Contacts

Seafish - Grimsby Office (01472 252300), Seafish Academy Partner (01482 486482), Edinburgh Office (0131 558 3331)

Lee Cooper - Sea Fish Industry Authority, 01482 486482 -

Seafish is able to field enquires from across the UK and assist learners throughout the fish and shellfish industry. Individual Academy Partners provide a more regional service.

Other Academy Partners

National Federation of Fish Friers, Leeds - 0113 2307044 -

Seafood Training Network Wales

Northern Ireland Seafood Training Network

Scottish Seafood Training Network

Yorkshire and Lincolnshire Seafood Training Network

Billingasgate Seafood Training School

Other Information

Information Leaflets about the Academy Partners, our recognised training programmes, and the services we provide can all be found on this webpage.