Working with Seafood Training Academy Partner - Billingsgate Seafood Training School

The Seafood Training Academy is a partnership between Seafish and five other founding Partners.

As the champion for the fish and shellfish network within the National Skills Academy for Food and Drink, the Seafood Training Academy Partnership plays a key role in fish and shellfish learning and development in the UK. This webpage provides information on the contribution made by Billingsgate Seafood Training School to the activities of the Seafood Training Academy and their wider role in providing training services to the fish and shellfish industry.

Geographical Coverage: Billingsgate is based in London. For businesses based in the SE England region they are likely to be the first point of contact. Billingsgate is also a renowned provider of fishmongering and seafood cookery courses, with clients from across the UK and beyond.

Billingsgate is also a member of the Food and Drink National Skills Academy - more information available here.

Seafish is based in Grimsby, Hull, Edinburgh and elsewhere in the UK. Seafish can also be contacted regarding enquiries in this region.

Fish and Shellfish courses and programmes offered by Billingsgate

Other programmes offered by Billingsgate