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This Topic Page contains News for Fish Friers.

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News for fish friers as published in the NFFF magazine Fish friers Review (FFR), and more recently in Fish Chips and Fast Food (FCFF).

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Recent Content

The NFFF Fishfriers Review Magazine - available from this NFFF webpage

Current Content

June 2016 - P31, Yorkshire and Lincolnshire Seafood Training Network - launch delayed until late July/early August. See here for more information. New apprenticeship poster - see this example. New entrant training programme at Blackpool and the Fylde College - if you are interested then email the college - details on this page.


Recent Content

Fish Friers Review March 2016 - apprenticeship page - N Wales apprenticeship launch, Trailblazer progress, Fochabars success.

Fish Friers Review September 2015 - apprenticeship page - trailblazer 2nd application, friers survey results, Northern Ireland Apprenticeships launch, Papas take the plunge.

What's Hot Magazine - September 2015 - Apprenticeships at Fochaber's fish and chips - NE Scotland.

2015 - June - Apprenticeship Page - reports from Moores Fish and Chips of Castle Douglas, and Fochaber's experiences of fish frying apprenticeships in Scotland.

2015 - May - Apprenticeship Page - Fish frying apprenticeships London, Olley's Fish Experience latest participant. New assessor joined UKRS Training. More apprenticeship assessors needed - please contact Seafish. Scottish Seafood Training Network is launched.

2015 - March - Apprenticeship page - Trailblazer Apprenticeships. Seafood Training Network for Northern Ireland is launched

2015 - January - Apprenticeship and Training pages - Tavi Frier off to a good start with Tallow Chandlers apprenticeship, Belfast Metropolitan College latest Apprenticeship Provider to be recognised by Seafish. Still searching for more apprenticeship assessors. Richard Wardell is new Training and Accreditation Manager for the NFFF and Helen Brook takes over training role from Karen Clark upon her departure from the NFFF.

2014 - December - the Apprenticeship page (p24) features information about the Seafood Training Networks for Wales and Northern Ireland, plus Women&Work funding. . The magazine also has an interesting article on training (p25) at the Federation. The full magazine is available here.

2014 - October - Apprenticeship page features launch of Tallow Chandlers Apprenticeship for Fish Friers and a Call to Arms - apprenticeship assessors wanted.

Also, Alison Mattravers of the Good Catch explains why Apprenticeships are good for her business.

2014 - September - Apprenticeship poster to print out and put up in your shop, top 10 shortlist for young fish frier of the year, NFFF training page, Shortlist for Independent Takeaway Shop - top 60. And the full magazine is available here.

2014 - July Issue - Full magazine on the NFFF site, Apprenticeship page covers Ipswich apprenticeship event, new Welsh Training Network, the latest apprenticeship provider - UKRS, and trailblazer apprenticeships.

2014 - May Issue - Full magazine on the NFFF site, Apprenticeship page covers the history and future of apprenticeships, and the routes into an apprenticeship in fish frying.

2014 - April issue - Full magazine on the NFFF site, Apprenticeship page covers FryIT 2014 exhibition, Apprenticeship Provider Profiles - Duchy College, Northern Ireland's Southern Regional College and Polaris Learning in Scotland.

2014 - February Issue - Full magazine on the NFFF site , Training and Apprenticeship Page - one man's view, NAS support for regional workshops, changes to the Seafood Academy site.



December 2013 -

Published in December 2013. The FFR issue mentions various apprenticeship providers - contact details are here. An employer incentive fund worth £1500 per new apprentice is discussed. To download the information leaflet on this funding please click here.

2 pages of articles on apprenticeship take up are available here. The full magazine is on the NFFF website - here.

September 2013

Fish friers continue to be enthusiastic adopters of the Level 2 and 3 fish and shellfish industry skills qualifications and apprenticeships. In many ways they are leading the way for the rest of the fish and shellfish industry to follow. One such leader is the Elite Fish and Chip Company of Lincolnshire.

Issue 6 September 2013 - full magazine is here. Apprenticeship page and Poster are also available.

Coming very soon - new customer service and at table/takeaway units for the level 2 fish and shellfish apprenticeship programme in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Scotland already has these units.

Archived Content

August 2013

Issue 5 August 2013 -content re apprenticeships and full Review Magazine.

List of proposed new units for Level 2 apprenticeships for fish friers.


July 2013

Issue 4 July 2013 - Full (5mb) Publication or just the apprenticeship and qualifications page

This issue focuses on the new Level 3 fish and Shellfish Industry Skills qualification and asks the question - will friers be as enthusiastic about it as the mongers are? Hint - see next issue for the answer Yes!! We also promised to provide you with links, so here they are:

  • Professional Qualifications for Fish friers - try this leaflet
  • Overview of qualifications for fish friers - this leaflet explains the situation outside of Scotland, while this one is for fish friers in Scotland.
  • Working with - see some of the Centres we are working with to support apprenticeships, VQs and professional qualifications.
  • Withdrawal of funding for 24+ learners - this has already been withdrawn, ahead of schedule. But we are hopeful of accessing other funding so please get in touch ( Under 25 funding remains in place, as does funding for an intermediate apprenticeship at any age.


Issue 3 May 2013 with the main qualification opportunities section here. Details of the management Level qualification in Fish Frying is a key topic in this report.

Frankies success is using Women and Work funding is here and NFFF training courses are here.



Issue 2 April 2013 training school news is on pages 30 - 31

See also the main News Archive page.