The fish frying skills assessment process for certification


Step 1. Register to undertake the Frying Skills or Customer Service Skills Qualification. Please contact The NFFF in Leeds( 0113 230 7044 ) or email

Step 2. . Obtain the full text, printed packs - or download the first of the four packs here for Fish Frying or Customer Service.

Step 3. Study the pack - this may take you a month.

Step 4. Complete the assessment process - as soon as possible after completing the packs for customer service or fish frying.

The onsite assessment will take 1-2 hrs to complete. This onsite assessment will include H&S and Food Hygiene which is common to both customer service and fish frying..

When a candidate has read through the relevant self study modules (Introduction to Fish Frying Skills and Introduction to Food Hygiene and Health & Safety in Fish Frying for the Fish Frying Skills qualification or Introduction to Customer Service in Fish Frying and Introduction to Food Hygiene and Health & Safety in Fish Frying for the Customer Service Skills qualification), completed the exercises in the self study workbooks and feels competent with their practical skills, they then need to contact the training provider that they registered with (for example their local Group Training Association or Seafish). The training provider will then contact a Seafish approved assessor who will contact the candidate to arrange a suitable time and date for the assessment to be conducted.

The assessment is conducted at the candidate's place of work causing minimum disturbance to their work routines. The candidate will complete a multiple choice examination paper based upon the information in the self study workbooks along with a practical assessment of their daily routines. For the Fish Frying Skills assessment, this involves the preparation and cooking of fish and chips whilst for the Customer Service Skills assessment, this involves the setting up of the business ready for an opening along with interaction with paying customers. Both assessments also take into consideration how a candidate works with regards to food hygiene and health & safety matters.


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