Introduction to fish frying skills - Part 1

A Guide to Buying, Preparing, Frying and Storing Fish

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Buying, preparing and storing fish correctly has a big impact on a fish frier’s business. Conducting these tasks correctly can lead to the successful operation of a business. However, if any of these jobs aren’t completed to their required standard, then this will have a huge impact on the profitability of the business.

GENERAL GUIDE & SEGMENT ONE – Buying, Preparing, Frying and Storing Fish.


After studying this segment you will be able to:

• State what to look for when buying fish;

• List some types of fish available;

• Explain the advantages of wet and frozen fish;

• State where to buy fish;

• State the importance of quality and the characteristics to look for when buying fish;

• Identify the correct methods of preparing fish by looking at skinning, boning and cutting;

• State why minimising the wastage of fish is important;

• Identify an average portion size with regard to: customer relations, the cost of fish and wastage;

• State the importance of taste and how this can be measured;

• Outline some of the rules for storing wet fish and frozen fish.

The downloadable pdf file is available here.

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