Women & Work Funding

So far, funding for more than 50 women has been secured. If you are one of those then please review the key steps below. If you are not one of the approved group then why not join the waiting list? Contact Lee Cooper at Seafish for more information, or approach your local Seafish approved training provider.


So you have been approved for funding, what happens next?

Offer letter - we need your personalised offer letter to have been signed and returned via email to us at Seafish, with a copy to your training provider if it's not Seafish.

The NSA Evaluation process - the NSA will contact you with details for the evaluation process. Initially you will have to complete a simple online survey before you start training or shortly after starting. After you finish your training then you will complete part two of the online survey. The NSA will send you an induction letter by email..

Pay for your course - the funding is a reimbursement so you need to pay up front for thE the training and then claim it back after the course(s) are completed.

Log your hours - this is critical. In order to draw down your full reimbursement you need to provide a matching 125% contribution in kind as specified in your offer letter. Part of this CIK will be the hours you spend undertaking the training, so it's vital you log all the hours you spend learning. If your logged hours fall short then the funding you can claim back may also fall short. Contact Lee Cooper if you or your employer have any concerns.

Complete your training - and then work with us so we can claim back all of your funding. The claim is simple, and will require your learning log, any and all receipts/invoices (paid) relating to the training. Travel and subsistence costs relating to attending a course are valid and valuable evidence of a cash contribution in kind, so please keep copies of receipts.

Claiming back your refund - see this webpage for details.

Key Documents

Learner Log - please use this to log ALL the hours you spend learning, include travel to and from a course.