Introduction to fish frying skills - Part 3

Potatoes for Chipping

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Potatoes are a very important part of a fish frier’s life. It is vital that your chips
are of a high quality and that you avoid selling a greasy product. There is nothing worse than soggy chips for spoiling your reputation and therefore your trade.


By the time you’ve worked through this section you’ll be able to:
• List some varieties of potato;
• State what affects the chipping quality of potatoes;
• List other factors in buying such as: disease, conditions, age, sampling;
• State the effect of potato wastage on your profits;
• State how such wastage can be limited;
• Identify the correct methods of storing potatoes;
• Outline the stages in the preparation of potatoes for chipping;
• State the effect of a high sugar content on frying chips;
• Explain the difference between par fries/chilled chips and chips prepared from raw potatoes;
• State the importance of portion size and appearance.

The downloadable pdf file is available here.

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