Food hygiene and health and safety in fish frying skills - Part 1

Food Hygiene Principles

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Any successful food business needs to have excellent food hygiene standards. If you don't, then the consequences can be dramatic. They could include food poisoning, a loss of customers and even fines and imprisonment.

Food safety is all about keeping food free from contamination and therefore protecting your customer's health.

This module will introduce the main principles of food hygiene and cleanliness essential in any food establishment, including the one that you work in.

The downloadable pdf file is available here and includes:



By the end of this segment you’ll be able to:

• State how the Food Hygiene Legislation affects fried fish shops;

• Know the importance of personal hygiene;

• Outline why cleaning and disinfection is important;

• List the basic principles of HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points);

• Understand the importance of looking after your frying range;

• Explain the correct procedures for the storage and disposal of refuse.

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