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Here are a few images from previous courses.

Adrian Barratt, senior quality assessment trainer delivers both practical and theory sessions.


Paul Neve (administrator and trainer) attends his first course.

Close up and personal - be prepared to prod, sniff, taste (cooked), in addition to "just" looking.

At the end of each day's training, there's a session of individual assessments to be completed.

Recent course photos

Advanced Fish Quality Assessment Course(s)

Date and venue: Grimsby and/or Peterhead probably late January or February 2017.

Status: Pending - please do not yet go ahead with your booking arrangements (travel, hotel etc) unless you can cancel. The course will be classed as proceeding as soon as we have the needed 7-8 registrations. Up until that time should the course not go ahead then a full refund will be made. If you are unable to attend then no refund will be made. We will however issue a credit which will allow you to attend a suitable advanced course in the future. The credit can be transferred to anyone else within your business. Such credits are valid for 18 months or 2 courses, whichever is shorter.

Delivered by: Adrian Barratt, senior quality assessment trainer will deliver the five day programme.

Course costs: £1,000 per person.

Funding: No funding currently available.

Registration form: available here. Please complete and send to Lee Cooper before making payment (see below).

Participant Essentials: Please bring along your own whites and wellingtons, unless you wish to use disposables. Tea and Coffee will be provided free of charge, and lunches will also be provided. Normal food handling hygiene and H&S procedures will be in effect throughout the course. Joining instructions will be issued prior to the course by the course administrator. Your administrator for the course is Paul Neve.

Course Outline:

Monday: Theory sessions covering quality assessment, setting up assessment teams, plus practical taste calibration exercise and fish quality quiz;

Tuesday: Practical assessment of white fish quality (Cod);

Wednesday: Practical assessment of flatfish quality (Plaice etc);

Thursday: Practical assessment of oil rich fish quality (various species), plus using other assessment schemes (theory);

Friday; Standardisation of assessment practices (theory), Assessment of locally sourced (mostly supermarket) fish products (practical), review and discussions.

Timings: Monday - Thursday 09:00 - 16:00, Friday 08:30 - 13:00

An example of the Advanced programme is available here.

Course Background

This will be the 16th Seafish advanced quality assessment training course delivered by Adrian Barratt since the course was developed in 2008. The course has remained largely unchanged since it was launched, apart from minor amendments to timings etc. Feedback from the course has been excellent with most participants able to apply their new knowledge and skills almost at once within in their job roles and workplaces. Several participants have gone on to administer advanced courses on behalf of Seafish in other regions, and at least two participants have become approved trainers as a result of course attendance.

Payment details: Payment should be made to the Sea Fish Industry Authority by cheque or BACS transfer. Credit card payments can be made by calling 01472 252300 and speaking to the onshore training administrator. Once we have announced the course as proceeding and issued your invoice, payment is expected even if you subsequently need to cancel.

Course Leaflets

Mini Leaflet 1

Mini Leaflet 2

Mini Leaflet 3

Full Seafish Leaflet - Grimsby

Reports of previous courses

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In total by the end of 2016 20 of these courses had been delivered, including four for BIM in Eire.