Surveying the Training Needs of Employers

From time to time the Seafood Network will survey the needs and wishes of fish and shellfish employers in Wales in order to provide a better service. This webpage is used to manage that process and to report on our findings.

    Do you want to benefit from funded training programmes?

    The best way to ensure that your business and employees benefits from any training or funding opportunities is to respond to a survey from the Seafood Training Network.

    Our first survey is a simple "getting to know you" survey. If you respond to that quickly we can start to look for ways in which we can help your business with courses and funding.

    The next time we have funding available we will probably contact employers by means of a survey to find out who wants to take advantage of the opportunity.

    Simple short surveys give us the best chance of getting from you the kind of information we need to respond to your needs quickly, respond to funding application calls quickly and to keep in touch.

    We will of course communicate directly with businesses by email, telephone, face to face as appropriate. But, should you be emailed a survey by Seafish or the Seafood Training Network for Wales then please treat it as something serious and deserving of a little of your time.

    Timetable of Surveys

    A Training Programme for Scotland - feedback on training courses for Scottish fish and shellfish businesses. Due out December 2015

    See this Scottish survey