Mahi Mahi

Also called Dorado or Dolphin Fish in parts of the world (though is no relation to Dolphin). Thankfully, the Hawaiian name Mahi-Mahi (meaning ‘strong strong’) is its commercial name in the UK. Mainly found around the Seychelles, the Caribbean and the South Pacific/South American coast, this is a fantastic fish in looks, speed (50mph) and most importantly, in taste.

As a comparison, it is closest in taste to Jacks / Trevallies and Kingfish, but Mahi- Mahi are quite a unique species, with amore flaky texture and a sweeter flavour. The flavour stands on its own, or use fruity or spicy flavours and salsas with it - this fish loves chillies! Not always easy to source fresh, but frozen is always available and it freezes well.