Food Safety Training

What Food Safety Training is available?

Seafish can offer a wide range of food hygiene training programmes throughout the UK. (email

Taught courses, open learning programmes and eLearning courses are available at Levels 1 to 3.

Level 1 – Introductory Food Hygiene in the seafood industry short taught course.

For low risk seafood businesses or where a foreign language taught course is needed. REHIS accredited.

Elementary Food Hygiene by Open Learning – Available as a one day taught course, or an open learning programme in 4 languages. Leading by examination to a REHIS Elementary Food Hygiene qualification. Also available as an eLearning programme and a taught course. Click here

Intermediate Food Hygiene – by eLearning leading to a REHIS food hygiene qualification. Our UK network of invigilators can offer the examination wherever it is needed.

HACCP – a short, 4 hr training course that introduces the principles of HACCP. REHIS accredited

If you are interested in ANY of these programmes then please contact Seafish Tel 01472 252300 or email

Elementary Food Hygiene by eLearning - seafood specific and REHIS approved - click here

Intermediate (Level 3 equivalent) - generic food safety and REHIS approved - click here

see also our Level 2 open learning programmes available in English and other languages - click here