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Big or small, as long as it's seafood related we'll try and find the information for you and your pupils. Simply email with your request.


General Resources and links

Basic Fishing Methods - a very interesting pdf booklet available online from Seafish

Seafood Virtual Tour - highly recommended

A resource CD for schools covering a wide range of seafood manufacturing practices.

Available free of charge from the Yorkshire and Humber Regional Food Group - email preferred 01937 830 354

Schools will be required to sign and return a copyright agreement before the Regional Food Group will sent out the CD. As this may take up to 2 weeks you may want to request your copy now.


Billingsgate Seafood Training School - highly recommended

Schools education programme (inc. downloadable fish identification posters)

If you wish to get hold of a printed fish identification poster, you could visit Grimsby Fishmerchants' site where it is possible to purchase a range of posters.


Seafish Promotional Materials on seafood health and omega 3

Useful posters and leaflets etc. Click here

Seafish Website

You can use any of the resources here, including the pictures in the resources section.

The Guidelines Database contains details of Seafish publications. You can search using keywords, categories or the alphabet.



Comprehensive searchable database on fish and shellfish species -


Seafood Guide

Seafood Guide



Torry notes are old but provide simple and comprehensive information on most aspects of seafood processing.


Photos and Images

Seafish image gallery - free for schools use


Glossary of Terms

Glossary on fish technology


Health and Omega 3

Omega 3 health benefits


Responsible Sourcing Guides

website link


How to cook seafood

Seafish Recipes

A cooking guide for consumers is in preparation


Seafood demonstrations

There are a number of Seafish approved fishmongering / filleting trainers that are able to provide occasional demonstrations in local schools. To find out more please contact R Wardell at Seafish.

Richard will also send out a free hard copy of the Seafood Guide on request (inc full contact details of the school)

Several Seafood Academy Partners have very active schools support programmes as do several Seafish



The Library Guide 4 Schools


Library Guides are webpages dedicated to providing information and guidance on a single topic, or to a single user group. This Library Guide was developed in 2009 to address some of the needs of schools delivering the Food Technology GCSE in 2010 This Library Guide will shortly (by March 2017) be updated to support the OCR Food Preparation and Nutrition GCSE Qualification

Missing Links? - report to Presentations DVDs and Videos Documents Information leaflets

GCSE Food Technology

Main topics

  • chilling
  • freezing and defrosting
  • fish as an ingredient
  • preparation
  • reheating and cooking
  • control checks

Information leaflets Documents DVDs and Videos Presentations


Open learning module - the chilled fish chain (written prior to 1990, but still a fair description of the processes etc)

Torry Advisory Note on chilled prepacked fish - available here

Powerpoint presentation on chilling - simple presentations on primary processing - available in the seafood science gallery.

Seafish Technical Report (SR598) on Thawing - addresses chilling issues - available here as a pdf


Freezing and defrosting

Open learning module - the frozen fish chain (written prior to 1990, but still a fair description of the processes etc).

Torry Advisory note on freezing - Quick freezing fish : Frozen at Sea Fish

Powerpoint presentations on freezing - several presentations on secondary processing - available in the seafood science gallery

Seafish Technical Report (SR598) on Thawing - addresses freezing issues - available here as a pdf


Fish as an ingredient

A Guide to Seafood - one of the key Galleries on the Seafood Academy site, it has content on species, recipes, sources etc.

Nutritional content of seafood species -water, fat, protein, carbohydrate content of many species in an excel spreadsheet- McCance & Windows Data

FAO report - yield and nutritional value - very basic but useful



Demonstrations of filleting and hand processing techniques - see the DVD Library on this site.

See also demonstration videos on the Billingsgate Seafood Training School site.


Reheating and cooking

A cooking guide for consumers is in preparation


Control checks

Codex Alimentarius - International Code of Practice on Fish and Fishery Products - 156 pages of detailed guidance. Includes sections of freezing and chilled fish handling. The process flowcharts may be particularly useful. (pages 34, 55, 73, 82, 92 etc).

Seafood Quality - see the Quality Gallery on this site, also this quality briefing document provides a useful summary on quality issues, while this Sensory Schemes document illustrates the main quality assessment schemes in use.

Raw Materials Intake - training materials. 2 presentations and coaching notes on checks for raw materials intake into seafood factory can be found on the primary processing webpage.

Seafood retailer guidelines - This 45 page pdf is packed full of useful information, particularly towards the end where it covers quality, promotion, product knowledge and customer base.


General Seafood Information