The Seafood Training Academy

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Section 5


1. Academy Partners

2. Seafish Approved Trainers

3. Apprenticeship Providers

Profiles and contact info for each academy partner and member.


Links to approval criteria, lists of ATPs and trainers on Seafish site.


Links to each apprenticeship providers webpage.


4. Seafood Training Networks

5. Seafish

6. Training Centres

Links to these new Seafood Training Networks for wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Yorkshire & Lincolnshire.

Seafish is the managing Partner in the Seafood Training Academy

Shellfish, smoking and quality assessment training centres.


7. Awarding Organisations

8. Industry

9. The Food and Drink NSA

Profiles and contact info re Awarding Oganisations - REHIS, CIEH, FDQ, Pearson Group, City & Guilds.

Background to how Seafish and the Seafood Academy works with employers. case studies and press releases.

Overview of NSA. Links to key pages on NSA website.




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