The Seafood Training Academy
Qualifications and Apprenticeships


Section 2


1. Academy recognised qualifications

2. Qualifications for Operatives, Managers etc.

3. Information, News and Leaflets

Qualification list, list of trainers and what it means to be Academy recognised.


Recommended qualifications for different job roles.


Information about qualifications and apprenticeships.


4. Apprenticeships for Scotland

5. Fish and Shellfish Industry Skills

6. Qualifications for Fish Friers

Modern apprenticeships and fish & shellfish qualifications in Scotland


Guide to fish and shellfish industry skills and related qualifications, including access to the national Occupational Standards.

Guide to qualifications for fish friers, takeaway and restaurant.

7. Apprenticeships for England, Wales and Northern Ireland

8. Qualifications for Processors

9. Qualifications for

Merchants and Fishmongers

Intermediate and Advanced Apprenticeships in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Guide to qualifications for processors and others.

Guide to qualifications for merchants, and fishmongers - independent and multiple retail.



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