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1. Study Guides - Level 2 Fish and Shellfish

2. Introduction to the Seafood Industry

3. Study Guides - Level 3 Fish and Shellfish

Study Guides - for individuals studying for their Level 2 fish and shellfish qualifications.


Our (BIG) guide to fish and shellfish industry.

Study Guides - for individuals studying for their Level 3 fish and shellfish qualifications.


4. Food Safety by eLearning

5. Seafood smoking by eLearning

6. Fish and Shellfish programmes on Youtube

Seafish's food safety Level 2 eLearning training course is free of charge.

The free Level 3 Seafood Smoking by eLearning programme can lead to an advanced practical smoking course.

More than 100 Seafish and our Seafood Training Academy videos on YouTube.


7. Seafish Open learning Programmes

8. Online reading list

9. Fish Frying and Customer Service Skills

Most of Seafish's open learning library as pdfs.

Most of the above in an alphabetical list

Two distance learning programmes for the fish frying sector.



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