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Section 6


1. eNews from Seafish

2. News for Fishmongers

3. News for Fish Friers

Links and extracts from Seafish's monthly Email Newsletter.


NFF Fishmongers News articles.

NFFF Fish Friers Review magazine articles.

4. Information Leaflets

5. Archive of News Stories

6. Sources of News

Leaflets that help to inform and support current news streams

Old News stories.

List of news outlets, newsletters etc.


7. News stream #1

Trailblazer Apprenticeships and other Workshops for Employers

8. News stream #2

The Tallow Chandlers Apprenticeship Scheme for Fish Friers

9. News stream #3

Seafood Training Networks News

For 2015 this News Stream will be targeted towards Trailblazer Workshops for Employers

Launched in September 2014, progress with this three year programme will be publicised here.



Women and work funding and World Seafood Congress have been moved to 5. Archive



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