The Seafood Training Academy
Training Courses


Section 1


1. Bivalves

2. Fish filleting and fish mongering

3. Seafood smoking

Bivalve shellfish purification and depuration courses and guides. Also includes scallop shucking.


fish filleting and fishmongering approved courses.


Seafood smoking eLearning theory course and practical smoking programmes.


4. Courses in

food safety, H&S etc

5. Quality assessment

6. Learning resources

Food safety from Level 1 to 3 including foreign language versions. H&S training courses. Includes open learning, taught courses and eLearning.

Introductory, intermediate and advanced quality assessment training courses.

Guides to online learning resources, plus a range of open learning modules as pdfs, online guides and eLearning links.


7. Seafood Academy Prospectus

8. Fish processing

9. Fish frying &

seafood cookery


Full list of Academy/Seafish courses and the criteria for recognition and approval.

Guidance on training for merchants and processors.

Guidance on training for fish friers.

Guidance on training for seafood chefs.



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