Seafood and Eat It DVD Pack

Seafish have a range of excellent training DVDs covering all aspects of the seafood industry. Their flagship DVD set is Seafood and Eat It, six individual DVDs brought together into a comprehensive treatment of seafood identification, preparation and quality assessment.

DVD1 - Identification of fish and shellfish.

DVD2 - Basic fish filleting skills.

DVD3 - A master class in the preparation of Roundfish.

DVD4 - A master class in the preparation of Flatfish.

DVD5 - A master class in the preparation of Oil-rich fish and Shellfish.

DVD 6 - Fish quality assessment.

Truly a master class in seafood preparation skills.

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A Guide to Seafood
Seafood is one of the UK’s most popular foods, worth nearly £5 billion to the UK economy. Over 70% of the seafood that we consume in the UK is sourced on a worldwide basis. For example 95% of the cod we eat comes from outside the North Sea. In the UK alone there are over one hundred different species available to us.
The Guide to Seafood Gallery of this web site provides information on seafood species, cooking, preparation and purchasing. There is a vast amount of useful and interesting information available from this Gallery, and most of it is thanks to M&J Seafoods, the developers of the original printed version of the Guide. Unless otherwise indicated, all of the photography in this section (species photos etc) is copyright M&J Seafood's and cannot be used without the written permission of M&J Seafood's Ltd.

If as a chef, fishmonger or member of the public you enjoy seafood as food, then you will enjoy this Gallery. M&J Seafood's maintain an online information resource on seafood species at this URL.

The Seafood Guide - based upon M&J Seafood's original Seafood Guide, this version developed by Seafish is available here as a pdf.

High quality glossy printed copies are available from Seafish for £5 each, discounts for 10 or more. Email for more information.

Basic Fishing Methods - a very interesting pdf booklet available online from Seafish