Level 3 "Unitised Awards in Fish and Shellfish

In their simplest form, unitised awards are national qualifications that consist of a single occupational unit, rather than a number of related units that make up a full NVQ-style qualification.

Rather than undertake a full NVQ, you can now achieve a qualification in brining, smoking, fish displays, quality assessment etc.

Why is this better?

It gives you much more freedom to mix and match the units that are important to you.

Who do these units apply to?

Managers and supervisors. These are Level 3 theory units and are ideally suited to individuals who are responsible for managing others and who need to know about the principles of a particular process, without needing to be able to carry out the process themselves.

Individual awards are available in:

  • Principles of brining and salting fish and shellfish - for links to this and other units go via the appropriate VRQ link below.
  • Principles of fish and shellfish smoking
  • Principles of fish and shellfish quality assessment
  • Principles of seafood quality science
  • Principles of displaying fish and shellfish for sale
  • Principles of marine finfish product knowledge
  • Principles of non marine finfish, shellfish and other marine food products, product knowledge
  • Principles of frying fish and chips
  • Understand how to control bivalve purification and depuration.

For each of these units, the seafood training Academy has a training programme available or under development. Email academy@seafish.co.uk for more information.

Limited funding is available which will allow us to offer the level 3 units free of charge to trainees from England.



JIP 2 is very similar to JIP 1 although there are opportunities to expand the Units and qualifications that can be (50%) funded by the programme.

JIP 2 will run from August 2011 to July 2013, and will overlap with JIP 1's 2nd phase for 1 year (Aug 2011 to July 2010)

The elements that can be included in JIP 2 are all of the above units, plus the following:

In theory, if you were able to identify any other level 3 unit that you were able to deliver to employees in the seafood industry, then we could consider it for JIP 2.

Next Steps

Consider the above units in terms of what courses/programmes you already deliver or would like to deliver between 2011 and 2013. Could the above units piggy back onto these courses?

If the answer is yes, then we may be able to draw down funds to enable individuals to achieve Level 3 qualifications as part of a programme they would undertake at no extra cost to themselves. Funding would be used to cover the cost of the quailification and to generate additional income to the provider and the Academy.