Latest News - August 2010 special report

Potential Funding Support for Seafood Training – but we need your support!

The Seafood Training Academy is seeking funding from the National Skills Academy for Food manufacturing to support seafood training in England.

A number of programmes have been identified (see below) and if we are successful the limited funding will be on a first come, first served basis.

So what do we need from you and other seafood employers? To put it simply we need your commitment. We will be unsuccessful in our bid for funding unless we can identify enough employers for at least 50% of the places available.

What do we mean by commitment? This is not a binding agreement, all we ask is that those employers who are interested in a particular programme and have a reasonable expectation that they will want to put some of their staff on the course in 2011 tell us. We will want to add the company name and potential trainee numbers to support our bid.

What happens if you change your mind after we get the funding? If at a later date, the programme is inconvenient for you, for any reason, then you can withdraw some or all of your trainees and there will be no problems. You may even wish to increase the numbers you want to go on a programme, and subject to availability that may be possible.

What is available? The programmes for which we have asked for funding are listed below. If successful then funding will be for up to 50% of the invoiced course costs, excluding any travel or accommodation requirements. Funding is only available for seafood employers who have trainees based in England and who will complete one of the listed programmes during 2011.

All of the programmes will lead to a nationally recognised qualification and will be delivered by an approved trainer.

If we are successful and can establish a track record for this type of funding bid then there will be other opportunities to access more funding in the future. So now is your chance to help us to help you.

If you are interested in any of the programmes simply email me with your details. To find out more about an individual programme please give me a call. And, if possible we need your feedback by the 26th August 2010.

Many Thanks

Lee Cooper, Seafood Training Academy
Email Tel: 01482 486482

Please cut and paste the following into your email. Please put the number of potential trainees in brackets against each programme you would like to support.

Tel. Number:

As a seafood employer we would like to express our commitment for the following programmes and anticipate sending the following numbers of trainees on these programmes during 2011 – subject to our further agreement in 2011 following any additional information on courses being made available.

Principles of displaying fish/shellfish in a sales environment ( )
Principles of marine finfish ( )
Principles of shellfish, non-marine finfish and marine food products ( )
Principles of frying fish and chips ( )
Principles of fish or shellfish smoking ( )
Principles of fish or shellfish quality assessment ( )
Principles of seafood quality science ( )
Understand how to control shellfish depuration processing ( )
UFA Essential Skills for First Line Managers ( )
UFA in Productivity (Kaizen) ( )
UFA in Lean Six Sigma ( )
FdSc Food Manufacturing Management ( )
FdSc Logistics Management ( )
BSc (Hons) Food Manufacturing Management (Top-Up) ( )
BSc (Hons) Logistics Management (Top-Up) ( )