Fishmonger battles snow to deliver fish

South Wales based fishmonger Sarah O'Connor, owner of the Fabulous Fish Company, demonstrated outstanding commitment to customer service today (January 22nd 2013).

Thanks to the appalling weather of the last few days, and the heavy snowfalls that affected South Wales so badly, the fish ordered for Seafish's Advanced Quality Assessment course that started on Monday could not be delivered via the usual courier routes.

Unwilling to let Seafish down, Sarah set off in the snow before daylight and covered the 215 miles from Monmouth to Grimsby to deliver the consignment of fish just before 11 a.m. this morning.

Boxes of Cod, Plaice, Mackerel and Herring that will be used during the next four days of training arrived in superb condition and just in time for the first of four days of intense practical training.

Taking just enough time to meet the trainees and have a coffee with Seafish staff, Sarah then set off again for home, ready for business as usual in the morning.

"Many thanks Sarah, this really was above and beyond the call of duty" - Lee Cooper of Seafish


Sarah unloads the consignment while others look on.
Refreshed and raring to get back to South Wales, Sarah takes back with her some of the latest information leaflets from Seafish.

Fabulous Fish have won a number of awards, including the Bronze Medal in the 2012 Taste of Wales competition. To find out more about this outstanding fishmonger business look on the Fabulous Fish website.

For more information on the Advanced course click here