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This webpage is about sector priorities funding in Wales during 2014 Presentations DVDs and Videos Documents Information leaflets

Information leaflets Documents DVDs and Videos Presentations The Seafood Training Academy and Improve Ltd are pleased to announce funding for learners in Wales.

The funding is part of a £255K sector priorities fund for the food and drink industry in Wales which Improve Ltd, the sector skills body for food & drink has secured and which is available to support a limited number of training programmes for individuals working or living in Wales.

Funding leaflets - for information on fish and shellfish and general training opportunities.

fish and shellfish programmes : - general food programmes

How does the funding work?

Funding is only available for individuals who are either employed in Wales, or who live in Wales and work outside of Wales. Employment should be with a fish or shellfish company. The funding is simple to apply:

  • Most businesses can qualify for 70% support for the costs of the above training programmes;
  • Most businesses can qualify for around £1,000 of support per trainee. This includes managers as well as other employees;
  • Larger businesses can also qualify, but only for 50% of costs.

Apply now as funding is limited and must be used by November 2014!

Approval Process: Five simple steps

Step 1: Contact - Ian Jewel of Improve Ltd, Holly Whiteley of Seafish and the Seafood Training Network for Wales, or Lee Cooper to discuss your training needs (see left).

Step 2: Application - We'll help you complete any application form for the training needed by you and your staff;

Step 3: Training - Complete the agreed training. Courses will as much as possible be delivered in Wales, perhaps even onsite;

Step 4: Funding - Simply pay your share of the course costs and the training provider will claim back the agreed funding from Improve, so you don't have to;

Step 5: Benefits - Enjoy the benefits of the skills and knowledge you and your staff have acquired.


Funded Programmes: Various Seafish approved programmes are eligible for support under this funding initiative. They include:

    Fish preparation/filleting programmes – 1 to 3 day long training programmes to provide training in processing fish or shellfish by hand. Ideal for fishmongers and others who need to develop or improve their preparation techniques. These courses will be offered in North and South Wales as required and will be highly tailored to meet your needs.

    • Fish frying skills and managing fish frying operations programmes – basic, intermediate and advanced programmes, of between 2 and 7 days duration, which can include mix of onsite, distance and offsite learning. These programmes are aimed at friers and managers in the fish and chip business and are available via the National Federation of Fish Friers;

    Advanced quality assessment – a 5 day training programme covering raw and cooked fish quality assessment techniques. Ideal for fishmongers, Quality Managers/technicians etc. We intend to offer the 5-day training programme in Anglesey between the 24th and 28th November. The course is limited to 12 places so please apply early;

    Fish smoking – Introductory through to advanced programmes are available, of 1 to 5 day durations. Shorter courses will be available at various locations in Wales, while the 5-day advanced course will be available in North and possibly South Wales;

    Other, non fish/shellfish programmes – personal development, process development, food assurance/selling to large retailers, lean awareness and supervisor development training can also be funded through Improve Ltd.

Timetable: Funding is available for approved programmes delivered up to November 2014;