Committees and Working Groups (Travel Expenses)

Seafish and the Seafood Training Academy occasionally convene working parties and groups of employers to carry out important work on behalf of the seafood industry. When appropriate we will reimburse individuals for all reasonable travel and accommodation costs. If the meeting or event that you (an employer) are attending is eligible for such a reimbursement then you will have been informed of this IN ADVANCE of incurring costs.

In those circumstances you should complete a claim form (FD4) and submit the form along with originbal receipts to the person who has agreed to reimburse your travel.

In brief we will reimburse essential private mileage, overnight hotel accommodation, 2nd class rail travel, food and drink (non alcoholic) and other reasonable expenses.

FD4 Claim Form

Blank FD4 form as an excel spreadsheet

Blank FD4 form as a pdf

Worked example FD4 form