News Flash May 2013

Seafood Academy to take delivery of first of 3 AFOS Micro Kilns for training. More news will follow in early June 2013.

Micro Kiln Factsheet and photo

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Grimsby Traditional Smoked Fish

Seafish Publications and datasheets - use the Ref no or ISBN number to search the database.

For example:

Publication: PAH's - Report on Seafish survey of UK seafood smoking businesses and products
Author: R. Watson, W. Denton, M. Anyadiegwu
Date: January 2003

Ref No: SR557 ISBN: 0903941813


Other Publications/Sources

FAO Document Repository

TORRY ADVISORY NOTE - Full List of TORRY Advisory Notes

No. 82 (revised) Hot Smoking of Fish

No 14 (revised) Smoked Fish - Retailers

No. 9 Smoked White Fish - Producers

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Fish Smoking OLM

You may wish to start with this open learning module first

Here is a pdf of our older, entry level fish smoking open learning module, the perfect primer for anyone wishing to tackle the more advanced eLearning programme. This document is a scanned pdf of a printed copy and consequently the quality is not as high as we may otherwise have wished.

Limits and liabilities


Segment 1 - Fish spoilage

Segment 2 - Preservation action of salt and smoke

Segment 3 - Raw material selection and preparation

Segment 4 - The salting, brining and smoking processes

Segment 5 - Smoking kilns

Segment 6 - Product handling and packaging

SAQ Answers

After the elearning course you may wish to take this 5 day long Practical Training programm Click here to download the draft programme as an Excel spreadsheet. Other courses are also available ranging from 1 day to 5 day. See the Seafood Smoking Course Topic.