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Most Bivalve Purification training courses are accredited as a joint award with REHIS. To find out what this means click here

Standard designs for Purification Systems - click here

Bivalve GMPG Guide from Seafish.

Inspection and approval guide from CEFAS.

Bivalve depuration guide from the FAO.

Library Guide for Bvalve Purification Operators - click here.


Bivalve Purification Training Courses and Qualifications

Bivalve Purification Training Options

There are four different training courses for staff and managers in Bivalve Purification and Despatch Centres, as well as a work based proficiency qualification at level 2 for operatives and supervisors.

Managers and Supervisors may also be interested in the Level 3 VRQ in Bivalve Purification Management.

There's even a training course for EHOs in Bivalve Purification Inspections - see this leaflet.

This Seafish booklet BVP Training Brochure details all of the programmes and training available.

Page 3 - Route Map to training in bivalve purification sector

Page 6 - information about the BVP Operations and BVP Management courses

Page 7 - Vocationally related qualifications - IPQs and VRQs

Page 9 - Course costs and registration


More Training Course Information

More details available here and from the Shellfish Training Centres and Seafish

Bivalve Purification Operations: a half day training course that covers
the main aspects of operating a Bivalve Purification and Dispatch Centre (BVPDC).

This theory-based course can be delivered on site or offsite. Suitable for all staff. See this leaflet

REHIS accredited

Bivalve Purification Management: a three day intensive course covering all
of the theory of running a BVPDC.

The course also includes a great deal
of hands on practical activity closely examining the biology of bivalves
and their impact on the purification process. Suitable for managers and Supervisors.

Course can lead to a qualification at Level 3 in Bivalve purification management or even a full professional qualification for Bivalve Managers..

REHIS accredited

Bivalve Purification Inspections: a one day course for EHOs and others
responsible for inspecting BVPDC. The course provides practical guidance
on what it is reasonable to expect of a BVPDC and its staff. Course overview and syllabus available here.

REHIS accredited