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The Oceans of Opportunity careers videos can be viewed online via You Tube - click here

Apprenticeships are an important route into employment and a careers in the seafood industry.


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A career in the sea fish industry can lead you to own your own business, manage someone else's business, travel the world, or just parts of the North Atlantic, work above or below the water, or somewhere nice and dry. In short, a career to keep you hooked for life.

To help you find out more, below are some videos. One of the best ways to start a career is with an apprenticeship. To find your nearest fish and shellfish apprenticeship provider please view this webpage for apprenticeships in processing, mongering, and fish frying.

For fishing at sea apprenticeships click here, and for fish farming and aquaculture apprenticeships click here.

Careers Videos - Fishing, processing, retail and food service, aquaculture, marine biology and engineering are all viable careers in the seafish industry.

See the full set on YouTube here.

Promotional videos - fish & chip shop of the year, Business of Fishing, Shellfish UK!, Humber Seafood Summit 2013 : full programme is here.

Apprenticeships - (Intermediate and Advanced Levels) are available in fishing, aquaculture, processing, fishmongering, fish frying and seafood cookery.



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